camie is an award-winning hamilton and toronto-based queer femme folk artist whose delicate melodies and tender lyrical poetry make for a uniquely evocative and intimate musical experience.
as a critically acclaimed playwright and poet, storytelling is at the centre of camie’s work; her passion for language and love, in all forms, drive her forward. as a solo musical artist, camie draws inspiration from the great female vocal and songwriting talents of joni mitchell, kate bush, laura marling, fiona apple, and brandi carlile. her work often grapples with romance, isolation and longing, nomadism, the human body, environmental phenomena, and intimacy of all sorts.
renegade cover.jpg
the debut album by camie
                             1. Hardwood
                             2. Lioness
                             3. Daddy Don't Make Me Go
                             4. Animal
                             5. (That's Why) I Don't Fall in Love
                             6. Teeth
                             7. I Am A Mountain
renegade (acoustic)
the acoustic LP by camie
                             1. rockland
                             2. renegade
                             3. proserpine
                             4. your apartment (song of spring)
                             5. vienna
                             6. the fool
                             7. goodnight, goodbye, carry on
Songs From Worlds Past
the demos EP by camie
                             1. The Wolves / Happy (Intro)
                             2. Dance With Me
                             3. Winter
                             4. Like Quicksand, Icicle Men
                             5. The Edge
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camie concert-86
first act concert-2
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bryn concert-66

camie - sharp teeth album release party poster, photo by keith tanner, graphic by camille intson

camie - sharp teeth album release party (ft. michael sawers and bryn), photos by keith tanner

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