"We are shown here a piece of theatre that sets itself apart. It is a tragic and daring look at storytelling and how, as much as we crave the fantasy, we are still forced to deal with the realities of life. I cannot recommend this enough. Make it fit into your Fringing schedule. It will take your breath away." - Steel City Girl Reviews
"Camie’s music is best described as ambient folk, shimmering confessionals sung to a background of gentle guitar, strings and synthesizers. But it’s the lyric imagery that makes these songs special."
- The Hamilton Spectator
"It's a bit like if the detention in The Breakfast Club just kept going until it curdled into the hell-is-other-people existential nightmare of Jean-Paul Sartre's No Exit... There is enough wordplay, irony, and allusion here to reward multiple viewings." ★★★★
- Winnipeg Free Press
C5 copy.jpg
"Pretty much this generation’s Joni Mitchell, Toronto-based queer artist Camie’s gift for soulful storytelling while building epically lush compositions is enough to give the most dubious of listeners a case of musical frisson." - Next Magazine
""While it might sound more like Orwell's 1984 than NBC's Parks and Recreation, this production makes comedy gold out of its pseudo-dystopic premise... the actors do a commendable job with a tight, and very funny, script. Come for the high-concept premise, stay for the crack comedic timing." ★★★★ - CBC News
"For my money, Camille is the real deal, someone who is articulate, with some real insight into the art of live performance." - View Magazine
Playwriting - Select Productions
*Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

JANE.                              Development — Toronto Arts Council Playwrights' Program, 2021.
                                           Reading — Femme Folks Fest/Pat The Dog Theatre Creation, 2021.
                                           Reading — WordsFest London Ontario, 2020.
                                           Development — Expect Theatre Playwright's Unit, 2020.

Patchface                      Production — Allswell Productions, 2021.
                                           Reading — Femme Folks Fest/Pat The Dog Theatre Creation, 2021.
                                           Commission & Reading — Allswell Productions, 2021.
                                           Workshop — TAP Centre for Creativity, 2019.

We All Got Lost          *Production — Theatre Aquarius/Indie Theatre Festival, 2020.
                                           Production — Hamilton Fringe/Pantheon Projects, 2019.

                                           Reading — Pantheon Projects, 2019.
                                           Winner of the 2021 Robert Beardsley Award (Playwrights Guild of Canada)
                                           Winner of the 2019 New Play Contest (Hamilton Fringe Theatre Festival)
                                           Best of Fringe 2019 (Hamilton Fringe Theatre Festival)
                                           Best of Venue 2019 (Hamilton Fringe Theatre Festival)
                                           Hamilton Fringe 2019 Reviewer's Pick (View Magazine Hamilton)
                                           Julia Arthur Award (View Magazine Hamilton) 
Finalist - 2019 New Play Contest (Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival) 
Road                                Production — Staircase Theatre/HamilTEN Festival, 2018.
                                           Production — Newmarket National Play Festival, 2017.

                                           Production — Havana Theatre/About Love Festival, 2017.
                                           Staged Reading — The Grand Theatre London, 2017.
                                           Winner of the 2017 Newmarket National Playwriting Competition 
Official Selection - The Grand Theatre's 2017 Playwrights Cabaret (London, Ontario)

Marty and Joel and   Production — Alumnae Theatre/New Ideas Festival, 2018.
the Edge of Chaos      Reading — Tinkerspace Theatre/The Arts Project, 2018.

                                           Workshop — Tinkerspace Theatre, 2018.
Winner of the 2018 Lillian Kroll Prize for Creative Writing

The Last 48                  Production — Winnipeg Fringe/ArtLaunch Theatre Co, 2018.

                                           Workshop — ArtLaunch Theatre Co, 2018.
The Stock                      *Production — McGill University/Morris Hall Theatre, 2020.
                                           Production — Winnipeg Fringe/ArtLaunch Theatre Co, 2018.

                                           Workshop — ArtLaunch Theatre Co, 2017.

Blood Lines                   Staged Reading — Paprika Festival/Native Earth Performing Arts, 2017.
                                           Development — Paprika Festival Playwrights-in-Residence, 2016-17.



betweenspace                                                              Brink Festival/Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, 2020
INTERMISSIONS: Works for a New World      Pantheon Projects, 2020
Farewell, Estonia                                                        The Instagram Plays/Pantheon Projects, 2019

Hello, Internet Audience                                         The Instagram Plays/Pantheon Projects, 2019
Patchface                                                                      The Instagram Plays/Pantheon Projects, 2019
Objects 2.0: London, Portrait of a City
              Pantheon Projects, 2019-21


54 Kensington                                                             Pantheon Projects, 2021
Objects: London, Portrait of a City                      TAP Centre for Creativity/Pantheon Projects, 2019
the artist is present... in her own erasure           TAP Centre for Creativity/Resident Artists Show, 2018


Camie - troubadour (EP)                                            Independent, 2019
Camie - renegade (acoustic) (LP)                           Independent, 2019
Camie - Sharp Teeth (LP)                                           Smokey's Sound, 2019
Camie - Songs From Worlds Past (EP)                 Independent, 2018


Robert Beardsley Award for Young Playwrights (for We All Got Lost) - Playwrights Guild of Canada, 2021.
Toronto Arts Council Playwrights Program (for JANE) - Toronto Arts Council, 2021.
OAC Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators (for Hello, Internet Audience) - Pat The Dog Theatre, 2021.
Gilded Hammers - The Groundbreaker Award (Nominee), 2020.
Julia Arthur Award (Best of 2019 On Stage for We All Got Lost) - View Magazine Hamilton, 2019.
Best in Fringe (for We All Got Lost) - Hamilton Fringe Festival, 2019.
Best in Venue (for We All Got Lost) - Hamilton Fringe Festival, 2019.
Reviewer's Pick (for We All Got Lost) - View Magazine Hamilton, 2019.
Alfred Poynt Award in Poetry (Honourable Mention) - Western University, 2019.
OAC Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators (for Patchface) - Pat The Dog Theatre, 2019.
OAC Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators (for Patchface) - Theatre Aquarius, 2019.
New Play Contest Winner (for We All Got Lost) - Hamilton Fringe Festival, 2019.
New Play Contest Finalist (for We All Got Lost) - Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, 2019.
AHSC Student Donation Fund Grant (for Objects) - Western University, 2018.
Summer Theatre Intensive Youth Scholarship Recipient - Theatre Ontario, 2018.
Alfred Poynt Award in Poetry (Honourable Mention) - Western University, 2018.
Lillian Kroll Prize in Creative Writing (for Marty and Joel and the Edge of Chaos), 2018.
NNPF National Playwriting Competition Winner (for Road) - Newmarket National Play Fest, 2017.
Rising Star - Hamilton Music Awards, 2016.


Road. Occasus, vol. 8, no. 1, 2018.
The Boy Who Bled. The Paper Street Journal, vol. 4, no. 1, 2017.
"i shouldn't have brought my phone to the farmer's market..." / Two poems, The Temz Review, Summer 2020.
"Maker as Poet Confronts Creature as Work." FrankenZine, WordsFest London Ontario, Fall 2018.
"literary analysis", Symposium, vol. 5, no. 1, Fall 2018.

"to the city that writes my eulogy", Synaeresis Magazine, Harmonia Press, January 2017.
"Apples." Iconoclast, Fall 2016.
"McManus" & "$5 cover", Another London Anthology, Harmonia Press, 2016.

Short Fiction

"The Understudy." Five:2:One Journal, vol. 14, no. 1, Genesis of Freak: 5th Anniversary Issue, 2016.


Base Training & Courses

Performance Practice as Research, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, 2020.
Intermediate Playwriting, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, 2020.

Advanced Dramatic Acting, City Academy London, 2020.
Industry Member and Workshops Participant, The Actors Centre London, 2020.
Theatre and Performance Studies, Western University, 2015-2019.
Playwright in Residence, Paprika Festival, 2017.
Student, Theatre Aquarius Theatre School, 2013.

Vocal Training (Jazz, Pop, Musical Theatre, Classical), Cydney London-Speers.
Dance Training (Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Character, Musical Theatre), Dundas Academy of Dance.
Classical Harp Training, Suzuki School of Music (under Marie Lorcini).

Masterclasses & Long Workshops

École Jacques Lecoq: A Fundamental Journey, London Mime Fest/École Jacques Lecoq, 2020.
The Poetry of Play (Weekend Retreat), Fool at Heart School of Sacred Clowning, 2020.
Youth Scholarship Recipient (Play Labs), Stratford Summer Theatre Intensive, Theatre Ontario, 2018.
Participant, Theatre Entrepreneurs' Network and Training Program, Toronto Fringe, 2018.
Sears Ontario Drama Festival, 2013-2015.
Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute, 2008-2011.

Short Workshops, selected.
Building a Safe Space Around Autobiographical Content, Louise Orwin, 2020.
The Science of Acting, Teresa Grimsditch, 2020.
Playwriting and Story (The Actors Centre London/The Old Vic), Tom Wright, 2019.
Body Conditioning for Performers, Ségolène Scheuer, 2019.
Le Jeu (Physical Theatre & Clown), Charlotte Gowdy, 2017.

Devised Theatre: "Because I Am Your Queen", Mina Samuels, 2017.
The Meisner Technique, Stefanie Jones, 2016.
Advanced Digital Media Seminar, University of Waterloo Stratford Campus, 2015.
Slam Poetry, Hamilton Youth Poets/Louder Than A Bomb Canada, 2015.