M A R T Y    A N D    J O E L

A N D   T H E    E D G E    O F    C H A O S

“Chaos theory meets romantic dramedy in this delightful and poignant two-hander played out by four actors.
Beautifully acted and staged, Shea and Bennett are adorably awkward as two 20-something-year-olds getting to know, and then falling for, each other.” 
“Marty and Joel seem to be perfect complements to each other, with Marty’s adventurous nature and nerdy science knowledge, and Joel’s creative, intuitive sensitivity."
"As older, more world-weary and disillusioned versions of their former selves, Croscup’s Marty is frustrated and angry, still looking for the answers; and Bannon’s Joel has moved on, but still cares deeply for Marty and treasures their relationship.” 
- Life With More Cowbell
“Camille Intson’s one-act play is preoccupied with exploring relationships between past and present, stasis and progression, time and perception, memory and identity.” 
“Sparse, often fragmentary lines of dialogue move quickly between Joel and Marty and mark seamless exchanges linking their past to their present."
"Throughout, the audience is challenged to try and relate what it hears and sees to a traditional, linear narrative, all while wondering about larger questions the play raises concerning the inscrutability of time, the uncertainty of human relationships, and how those concerns inform and intersect with each other in powerful ways.”
- Michael Fox & Jamie Johnston
2018 Lillian Kroll Prize in Creative Writing
Alumnae Theatre's New Ideas Festival, Photos by Bruce Peters




A single photograph ties together two evenings, thirty years apart.
A physicist and a photographer's different priorities and personal ideologies clash as echoes between the past and the future reveal how the beginning and the end of their romantic relationship entwine.

Marty and Joel and the Edge of Chaos premiered at Alumnae Theatre's New Ideas Festival on March 23rd, 2018, and ran until March 26th with the following cast and creative team:
                                                       Marty                                 Allison Shea Reed
                                                       Adult Marty                   Kim Croscup
                                                       Joel                                     Simon Bennett
                                                       Adult Joel                        Ryan Bannon
                                                       Director                            Lorna Craig
                                                       Assistant Director      Jackson Nair
                                                       Stage Manager             Jackson Nair
Alumnae Theatre's New Ideas Festival, Promotional Video by Nicholas Portentous
Prior to its premiere at New Ideas, Marty and Joel and the Edge of Chaos was workshopped as a part of 2018 Tinkerspace Play Labs in London, Ontario, and cumulated in a staged reading and playwright talk-back session at the TAP Centre for Creativity with the following cast and creative team:
                                                                 Marty                                Hailey Hill
                                                                 Adult Marty                   Martha Zimmerman
                                                                 Joel                                     Stephen Ingram
                                                                 Adult Joel                        David Bogaert
                                                                 Coordinator(s)             Tyler Graham
                                                                                                               Erin Walker

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