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Creative Portrait Sessions

My favourite part of being an artist is getting to meet and work with so many vibrant, diverse, luminous, talented people—and over the past few years, I've had the honour of photographing some of them. Unlike more structured headshot sessions, my creative portrait sessions embrace creativity and spontaneity. Each half-hour session is shot on location in a mutually pre-determined space—oftentimes where my subject feels most inspired, comfortable, or welcome. Together, we will hone in on a creative vision and devise a series of 30-40 photographs to be edited and sent back within 4-5 business days. Whether you're a seasoned model or first-time muse, these creative portraits are for anyone looking to up their social media slash branding game or just treat themselves to a nice little "wow! that's me!" boost. Founded on care, individuality, vulnerability, and expression, these creative portrait sessions are all about finding your light and capturing it from the inside out.

30-40 PHOTOS
$75 CAD

15-20 PHOTOS
$40 CAD

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