(L to R) Jackson Fowlow, Chadwick Allen, Marina Gomes, and Bridget Bezanson at the 2017 Newmarket National Play Festival. Photo by Greg King.
Winner - NNPF National Playwriting Competition (2017) 
Selection - About Love Festival (2017)
Selection - HamilTEN Festival (2017)
Selection - The Grand Theatre 2017 Playwrights' Cabaret

Four strangers on a train wander inside and outside of each other's consciousness, all suffering from the same condition: love.
was first workshopped and staged at the Grand Theatre's annual Playwrights' Cabaret in London, Ontario on January 21st, 2017. The script received dramaturgical support from Lisa O'Connell of Pat The Dog Theatre Creation during this time, and the staged reading itself was directed by Jeff Culbert and Megan Watson, featuring Jim Doucette (The Man in the Pastel Shirt), Rachel Jones (The Girl Reading Hamlet), Tyler Parr (The Boy Smiling Out The Window), and Martha Zimmerman (The Woman in the Hat Carrying Luggage).

officially premiered in the summer of 2017 at About Love: A Festival of Short Plays in the Havana Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, directed by Samuel Davey Calderon from June 13-18, featuring Gavi Beigel, Danisa Rambling, Zack Currie, and Angie Ip. Afterwards, it opened at the Newmarket National Ten-Minute Play Festival in Pickering College Theatre, directed by Sean O'Brien in the Bare/Bones Pod from July 27-29, where it won First Place in the NNPF National Playwriting Competition. The festival cast included Chadwick Allen, Marina Gomes, Jackson Fowlow, and Bridget Bezanson.
(L to R) Camille Intson and the cast of ROAD at the 2017 Newmarket National Play Festival. Photos courtesy of the NNPF.
(L to R) Angie Ip, Danisa Rambling, Zack Currie, and Gavi Beigel at About Love: A Festival of Short Plays in Vancouver, B.C. Photos by Danisa Rambling.
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