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Music, Lyrics, and Book by Camille Intson and Jake Schindler


Recipients, Valleyview Artist Retreat (in partnership with the Musical Stage Company)
Set in present-day Toronto against a backdrop of gentrification and wealth inequality, WALSH is a musical comedic drama exploring institutional resistance, the nature of public discourse in a post-#MeToo era, and what it means for two rival queer women to wage ambition against community in pursuit of acceptance.

Set in a gentrified downtown Toronto in the late 2010s, WALSH is the story of Vivian Walsh – an acclaimed queer and feminist Torontonian artist-activist-philanthropist at the helm of a major commission from the AGO – whose career is derailed by an explosive public protest led by a passionate student activist, Zahra. When the Gallery responds to this crisis by hiring Zahra as Vivian’s exclusive mentee, both women are thrust into a musical journey of queer intergenerational tension, community, resilience, and survival – and of course, the values (and absurdities) of making art under capitalism in times of crisis.


WALSH was co-created by Intson and Schindler as a part of the Musical Stage Company's 2023 NoteWorthy program, and further developed through a retreat week at Valleyview Artists Retreat, in partnership with the Musical Stage Company.
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