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Shortlisted for the 2021 New Media Prize "Opening Up" Award (January 2022)

about betweenspace.

June 2020. Our homes have become our studios, our workspaces, our places of rest, our leisure centres, our classrooms — and, now, our stages. 

betweenspace is a co-collaborative performance between the artist and the objects and spaces in her domestic ecosystem. The work invites you, a virtual audience, to an interactive digital experience, traversing the personal and the political through an exploration of. the intimate nooks of a north London flat during a time of global crisis and quarantine.

betweenspace examines the art of dwelling in residential spaces and the selves we inhabit within their confines, translating a precarious relationship between humans and their 'things' to a digital interface. The practice in question involves taking seriously non-human entities, such as spaces and objects, as 'actors' in a performance event and distributing agency among performing bodies. It is a sensitivity to the messy practices of relationality in new/digital materialist philosophies.

By interrogating and collapsing the boundaries between embodiment/disembodiment, presence/absence, human/non-human, and the tangible/virtual, betweenspace considers our fluidity as human subjects in greater ecologies of matter, and our inseparability from the material forces that surround us. 

betweenspace was created and developed for the 2020 Brink Festival, hosted by the Performance Practice as Research programme at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, U.K.

Intson. C. (2021) Betweenspace/s: Towards a Transmedial Practice of Digital Intimacy. Forthcoming in the Journal for Literary and Intermedial Crossings (JLIC).
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