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Workshop Facilitation

As an experienced workshop facilitator, I have taught a variety of masterclasses and short workshops for learners of all ages. My pedagogy centres care, passion, empathy, and creativity; I love facilitating collaborative learning opportunities for educational, personal, and professional development. As a community-engaged educator and creative collaborator, I'm really passionate about helping people at all stages of their artistic practice muster the tools to explore their unique ideas and perspectives.


Some of the workshops I offer are:

  • Creative Entrepreneurship (all ages; specially tailored version available for new generation artists/students)

  • Introduction to Playwriting (all ages; specially tailored version available for new generation artists/students)

  • Turning Your Story Into Art (all ages)

  • Songwriting and/or Lyric Writing (all ages)

  • Character Creation (all ages)

  • Creative Producing & Marketing (all ages)

And some of the places I've lectured at and/or taught workshops are:

  • Playwrights' Guild of Canada

  • VEMU Estonian Museum Canada

  • WordsFest London Canada

  • The Musical Stage Company

  • Hamilton Music Collective

  • Glendale Secondary School Program of the Arts

  • Toronto Community Housing

  • Hart House Theatre

  • TAP Centre for Creativity

  • LOMP (London Open Mic Poetry) Reading Series

  • Power of the Arts National Forum, the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts

  • Theatre Ancaster Summer Theatre School

  • Western University

Interested in hiring me for a workshop? Get in touch!

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