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The Instagram Plays

A Trilogy
Farewell Estonia Graphic 1.jpg

Farewell Estonia is an exploration of archival practices before and after the digital revolution, and across and between stark generational gaps. Through an examination of the self-documentation of four generations of Northern European imigrants pre-, during, and post-WWII, using contemporary methods of "archiving", the experiment attempts to illustrate how the archive is or can be "performed" in the public sphere. How do the gaps and slips in our knowledge of the past, and of "outdated" methods of documentation, produce new knowledges about archival practice on both ends of the spectrum?
Hello Internet Audience - I was born in 1997. I saw social media in its infancy. I grew up with a camera shoved in my face. When I got older, I learned how to shove a camera in my own face. That never stopped.
This project welcomes you as a voyeur to intimate footage captured by the creator (yours truly) of herself between the ages of 2 and 21. A simultaneous commentary on self-portraiture, teenhood and internet/selfie culture, feminism and confessional discourse.
Hello Internet - Graphic.jpg
Patchface Graphic.jpg
Patchface frames instagram-as-playtext, taking bits and pieces from different processes that have taken place over the last year under the name "Patchface." OAC funded and developed via a residency at the Tap Centre for Creativity, "Patchface" has yet to find its wings - and we're welcoming you into the intimate pits of process via these fragmented, and yet somehow deeply interconnected, vignettes of human desire, longing, love, and melancholy, all pent up in a tango with contemporary technologies. 

The Internet Plays ("Farewell, Estonia", "Hello Internet Audience", and "Patchface") were developed by Camille Intson, as Artistic Director of Pantheon Projects, between the months of August and November of 2019. The accounts went live on November 1st of that year.

Farewell, Estonia had a past life as a stage play, conceived of and developed through a playwriting residency at the Toronto Paprika Festival. This project was entitled Blood Lines. 

Hello Internet Audience began *publicly* with two YouTube accounts, labelled as "iCamilleoxox" and "FollowYourOwnStar." Select clips, namely "Party in the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus Spoof" and "Winx Doll Attack!" were published under those account names.
Patchface also began as a script, funded by the Ontario Arts Council's Recommended Grants for Theatre Creators and workshopped at the TAP Centre for Creativity in London, Ontario. Previous iterations of the project were featured in installation works the artist is present in her own self-erasure and Objects.

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