Camille Intson (she/her) is a queer-female and neurodiverse award-winning Esto-Canadian writer, media artist,  musician, researcher, and multidisciplinary theatre and performance maker, currently based out of Toronto, Canada.
"A young woman... with a real gift for narrative storytelling... with some real insight into the art of live performance."
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Photo by Rob Nelson
Camille's critically acclaimed work as a playwright, director, and multidisciplinary performance maker has been developed and produced across Canada. She has worked as a creator with the Grand Theatre London, Theatre Aquarius, Pat The Dog Theatre Creation, the BRINK Festival (London, England), the Newmarket National Ten-Minute Play Festival (2017 Winner for Road), About Love Festival, the TAP Centre for Creativity, Alumnae Theatre, Tinkerspace Theatre, the Paprika Festival, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Hamilton and Winnipeg Fringe Festivals. Camille has trained in playwriting, performance, and experimental forms of theatre making at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, École Jacques Lecoq, Fool at Heart School of Sacred Clowning, City Academy London, The Actor's Centre London, Theatre Ontario, and the Toronto Fringe.
As a playwright, director, multimedia artist, and multidisciplinary performance maker, I am obsessed with the endless potentials of integrating digital technologies into live performance, and especially with using these technologies to confront taboos about queer/femme identities and sexualities. My ultimate objective as a playwright is to use intermedial forms of storytelling to unearth queer stories, and to reconfigure and complicate queer/female narratives. At once playful and provocative, personal and political, my work flows across shifting technologies and mediums including text, live and pre-recorded video, sound and music, and movement. My work is celebratory, surreal, fluid in medium, playful, and challenging in genre; as a writer, I yearn for stories in the queer canon to move beyond shame and towards dreamscapes of passion and play. As a creator and Artistic Director of queer/femme Hamilton-based collective, Pantheon Projects, I am dedicated to a practice of risk taking and innovation within a queer-positive, gender diverse, anti-oppressive framework.
As a researcher, scholar, and educator, my work is widely interdisciplinary, operating at the intersections of information and media studies, performance studies, gender and sexuality studies, and the study of technology and computer science. I most recently completed my MA in Performance Practice as Research at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where my focus was on developing a praxis of digital intimacy in intermedial performance. I am currently a PhD student in Information and Knowledge Media Design at the University of Toronto, where I am working under the supervision of Dr. Matt Ratto. My current work as a Research Assistant has to do with engaging bridge concepts between engineers and computer scientists and humanities scholars, with specific reference to AI/bot clinical interventions in health care.
As a singer/songwriter and solo alt folk musical artist, I have performed across Canada and the U.K. My original music (including two LPs and one EP) can be found wherever music is streamed, under the pseudonym camie.
I can be found everywhere on the internet at @camilleintson, or at I also love meeting people from all creative and academic and finding new ways to collaborate. So shoot me a message — I'd love to hear from you!
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