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Death to the Prometheans!


Studio Series: IN DEVELOPMENT Presentation, Studio180 Theatre 2023/24 Season
Camille Intson, RBC Emerging Playwright, Studio180 Theatre 2023/24 Season
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Five internationally selected young artists are indoctrinated into a training program at world-leading performing arts conservatory, navigating as best they can the perils of young adulthood, institutional demands, and finding purpose in making art in a world on fire. Taught by Charity, their rigorous and eccentric leader, the students — including Zinnie, a biracial dancer; Hannah, a bumbling playwright; John, a conceptual body artist; Thea, a climate activist; and Yannis, a video game enthusiast — move through a series of creative prompts and exercises, grappling with the program’s contradictory teachings as well as their own will to create. Death to the Prometheans! is a play about institutional resistance and the quest for knowledge and truth in educational systems that promise young people agency and freedom just as they foreclose it. Can authority really be challenged from within? How can young people imagine systems of education, governance, and political power outside of that which they were taught? What does it mean to break the shackles of tradition? And, at the end of the world, how much is art really worth?


Death to the Prometheans! is currently in development with Studio180 Theatre, presented as a part of the 2023/24 season's Studio Series: IN DEVELOPMENT stream in early 2024 with a public reading directed by 郝邦宇 Steven Hao. An early draft of this piece was written with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Theatre Aquarius, and Tottering Biped Theatre.
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