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Death to the Prometheans!

Greek mythology meets an elite 21st century performing arts college in Death to the Prometheans!, a one-act dramedy about institutional resistance, the cost of self expression, and the value of art-making in a world in crisis.

Zinnie, Hannah, John, Thea, and Yannis are five international performing arts students indoctrinated into an elite artistic training program at a(n unspecified) world-leading conservatory, navigating as best they can the perils of young adulthood, institutional demands, and finding purpose in making art in a world on fire. At the same time, the young Titan Prometheus and his siblings plot an assault against Zeus at his annual sacrificial Blood-Bash, where they’re scheduled to perform an original play for the rest of the Olympians. The simultaneous unfolding of these two narratives, played by a doubled cast of characters, tells a story of youth revolt and resistance, intergenerational teachings, and the quest for knowledge and truth in societal systems that promise young people agency and freedom just as they foreclose it. Can authority really be challenged from within? How can young people imagine systems of education, governance, and political power outside of that which they were taught? What does it mean to break the shackles of tradition? And, at the end of the world, how much is art really worth?


Death to the Prometheans! is currently in development with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Theatre Aquarius, and Tottering Biped Theatre.

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