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works for a post-pandemic world.



hope floats

prayers for the future...


by Olorunyemi Kolapo

a flighter fight. a poem by Jordan M. Burns

My life is more than a number on a page or a

disruptive face.

My life is the place where I learn to fly higher than

above the sky.

Fearing the shots coming my way to just learn and live

and spend each day.

You cannot fly without care when your collisions

knock others out of the air.

Fly around with care and compassion. Together,

a society, we fashion.

No life is worth less than another.

No longer flying to support a crying mother.

Not flying to go but to keep us whole.

We value each other, more than they know


The world is OURS to roam and love as we see.

The world is YOURS to stand up and keep it FREE.

The Rain by River Guard


Photos by Ben Hickling

"Naturally, I aspire to shoot candidly while capturing Street and Portraits, occupying a scene in secret with my camera. But now I look forward to a more open approach as we exit this tunnel united.

I look forward to welcoming myself more with those I don’t know. And I look forward to relishing in the moment more with those I hold close to me."


Nudes for BLM by Mayomi Basnayaka

Nudes is a series of prints highlighting the racism and colorism behind the use of the term nude in women’s undergarments. The color nude is much more than “a pale pinkish-beige colour”. 

Image 1.jpg
Image 2.jpg

This Moment by Courtney WZ

*Mayomi Basnayaka is sending out postcards of her NUDES FOR BLM series for every donation made to BLM-related organizations.
For more information, click HERE or e-mail her directly at

Spinae: for clarinet quintet by Selena Ryan


Mutilated Beauty by Onyinye Ezennia

Medium: Nails and String on Board


their kinder world by Emily Grunthal

Hope (Jason Robert Brown Cover) by Benjamin Kersey

"I hope I'll look back on this time and remember:

-the kindness of people in helping others despite being in a similar boat.
-A bookshop, always a community hub for a vibrant minority, becoming an online fundraising hub to raise money to help artists, creatives, and tips-based workers financially. (Glad Day Bookshop) (
-People standing up for each other and helping connect each other to resources.
-the work of grocery store employees and cleaners who are and have always been essential but went unappreciated until now.
-the voice for better livable wages, better healthcare and better government that puts people above profits
-more kindness and generosity from fellow humans.
-my communities: writers and friends
-how I used this time to nourish my mind, heart and soul
-the joy of reading books that touch the strings of my heart and let me travel despite being inside my den
-the joy of watching movies and television shows that I had on my list for a while but never got to until now
-my organized bookshelf and the pleasure it gives my sight to see the books, the words and the worlds inside them"

                          - Arjun Singh

Screenshot in Greyscale:
Talking With Grandpa (Above)


Hope by Marina Intson


by Cecilia Bernasch

by Giselle Magie

Photo by Kira Salena

"This pandemic has put a creative block in my brain. I have not been able to express myself creatively in the ways I once did. For this reason, I am submitting an old photograph of mine. It serves as a reminder that it is okay to be caught in the chaos sometimes. Sometimes the world around us is spinning, or on fire, or both, and we can get lost in this... but it is important to remember that things will be okay."

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 3.31.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 3.32.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 9.20.41 PM.png
FOCUS, Print Edition of 30 by Ivan Gabri


FOCUS by Ivan Gabriel


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