works for a post-pandemic world.



expressions of love        and light

tears & fears

pandemic anxieties      & sorrows

featuring works by...

Ethan Paxton, Chelsea Brimstin, Thalia Ranjbar, JessAmy Perkins, Amelia Eqbal, Tina Falbo, Sahar Salha, Anna Miltenburg, Chinedu Andrew Atisele, Ariana Magliocco, Danielle Solo, Monty Langford, and Eloïse Poulton


featuring works by...

camie, Danielle Solo, Marina Intson, Jocelyn June, Josette Joseph, David Matheson, Jessica Pellicciotta, Mbayo Bona, Kelsey Dann, Eva Alie, Amelia Eqbal, Nadine Alaloul, Becca Berri, and Ian Rutherford.

featuring works by...

Andrew Machum & Olivia Tharme, Lela Burt, Joshua Thompson-Persaud, Jack Copland, Martina Delisle & Sydney Brooman, Raymond Moreau, Jocelyn June, Sarah Gervais, Kristi Boulton, Vanshika Dhawan, Zayn Ojoawo, and Sarah Minos.

from one human to another


from home, where the heart is

featuring works by...

MAR, Danielle Labonté, Danielle Solo, Cailen Speers, Liz Whitbread, Sanjayan Kulendran & Tesolin Adams-Piccolo, Jennifer Hillhouse, Hannah Briggs, Jordan M. Burns, Adeline Li, Stephie J. Madsen, and Amelia Eqbal.


personal moments of growth & reflection

hope floats

prayers for the future

featuring works by...

Russel Niessen, David Faulkner-Rundle, Cassidy Swanston, Paul-Daniel Torres, Rebecca McLaren, Margot Greve, Camille Intson, Stephen Near, Bridget Odette, Asha Sivarajah, Jill O'Craven, Cassandra Di Felice, Olivia Costes, and Seairra Nemecek. 

featuring works by...

River Guard, Ben Hickling, Courtney WZ, Emily Grunthal, Benjamin Kersey, Arjun Singh, Cecilia Bernasch, Giselle Magie, Kira Salena, Marina Intson, Jocelyn June, and Caitlin Sharkey.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to the 70+ artists who put time, effort, and a whole lot of love into these submissions over the past few weeks.

When I put out this call three weeks ago, I never thought it would be like this. I am overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude at what this little seed of an idea has become.

In a time of such darkness and uncertainty, I am incredibly grateful for a platform - however small - that attempts some form of love, light, and togetherness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Stay safe and healthy.

We'll see you on the other side.

- Camille Intson, Creator/Curator