L O N D O N  ,  P O R T R A I T  O F  A  C I T Y

an installation // 2.0. objects: remounted.

originally performed at the tap centre for creativity in london, ontario, 14/03/19

remounted for digital platforms at camilleintson.com/objects, 10/05/19

can one person perform an entire city? if so, how? these are the questions i started with when conceiving of the installation that would complete my artist residency at the tap centre for creativity, which i came to call objects: london, portrait of a city. i began with a series of failed experiments. i talked to my local artist friends and collaborators. i sat by the thames for hours, writing and sketching and taping and recording and listening. i sat in marketplaces for days, filming bustling bodies and hands grasping and signs declaring no trespassing and preachers on street corners and poverty. i realized any attempt of mine to embody the city would fail, would be grossly appropriative. so i, instead, turned inwards.

H I S T O R  Y

"Join us for a special night of Unscripted with Camille Intson and Kim Solga, featuring a unique art exhibition and panel discussion. Prior to the Unscripted conversation, you will be invited to our theatre space to view Camille’s cumulative installation Objects: London, Portrait of a City. This interdisciplinary project considers the material conditions of memory in relation to place through intimate collections of items, and their respective stories, collected and curated by the artist throughout her time as a London resident. Objects explores the ways in which we feel beholden to a city, the contradictions between things seen and unseen in the reciprocal construction of identity and place, and the manifestations of personal and cultural memory in seemingly everyday things.

Immediately following will be an in depth  conversation with Camille and Kim that will explore the creative process from the perspectives of both artists and educators, including storytelling, performance, and theatre. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and connect with our featured guests. Hosting this conversation will be Josh Lambier, who is the Founding Director of Public Humanities at Western and the Artistic Director of London’s Wordsfest."

- TAP Centre for Creativity, London ON