Winner - Best of Fringe (2019 Hamilton Fringe Festival)
Winner - New Play Contest (2019 Hamilton Fringe Festival)
Winner - Best of Venue (The Westdale) (2019 Hamilton Fringe Festival)
Winner - 2019 Hamilton Fringe Reviewer's Pick (View Magazine Hamilton)
Winner - 2019 Best of Hamilton Fringe (Steel City Girl Hamilton)
Winner - "Best On Stage in 2019": Julia Art Award (View Magazine Hamilton)
Finalist - New Play Contest (2019 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival)
"We are shown here a piece of theatre that sets itself apart. It is a tragic and daring look at storytelling and how, as much as we crave the fantasy, we are still forced to deal with the realities of life. I can't recommend this enough. It will take your breath away."  (Steel City Girl)

Five schoolgirls form a sacred storyteller’s club in the thick woods of an impenetrable Northern Ontarian township. We All Got Lost follows a group of young Catholic schoolgirls attempting to navigate, as best they can, the rigours of school, adolescence, family, and identity. Spinning tales among the trees, they turn the forest, and to each other, to grapple with the uneasy transitions of young adulthood. When tragedy shocks the community, the girls are forced to reckon with the events that each led them to the woods that night, and the deathly consequences that followed. Winner of the 2019 Hamilton Fringe New Play Contest and Best of Fringe, We All Got Lost is a queer gothic coming-of-age play about girlhood, disobedience, passion, and what happens when storytelling goes too far.
We All Got Lost was developed by and through Pantheon Projects in London, Ontario in mid-late 2018, cumulating in workshop sessions featuring readers Hailey Hill, Jade Walker, Abbey Arnott, Jesslyn Hodgson, and Ariana Magliocco.

We All Got Lost 
premiered at The Westdale on July 19th, 2019, running until July 28th as a part of the 2019 Hamilton Fringe Festival. The production picked up rave reviews and a slew of awards, including: Best of Fringe, Best of Venue, Winner of the 2019 Hamilton Fringe New Play Contest, Finalist in the 2019 Winnipeg Fringe New Play Contest, and View Magazine's Reviewer's Pick. Its premiere production was written, directed, and designed by Camille Intson with stage management and lighting by David Faulkner-Rundle, featuring Jessica Pellicciotta, Kaitlin Race, Evelyn Barber, Emily Meadows, and Miranda Cooper.
2019 Hamilton Fringe Festival footage, captured by Ian Steinberg at The Westdale and edited by Camille Intson.
(L to R) Evelyn Barber, Emily Meadows, Jessica Pellicciotta, and Kaitlin Race. Photo by Camille Intson.
"There is masterful physical creation as the cast forms tableaux, set pieces, and various fantasy characters. There are too many beautiful ensemble moments and it is an absolutely captivating group performance. It was difficult to look away from the stage as you are afraid to miss a moment. I must also mention the intense and precise technical demands of this production are matched by the expert prowess of their stage manager, David Faulkner-Rundle."
                           - Steel City Girl Reviews
(L to R) Kaitlin Race and Jessica Pellicciotta. Photo by Camille Intson.
"There is certainly a lovely language and flow to the script that I imagine would be wonderful to read, and honestly it flows beautifully on stage. It also covers some subject material that needs a voice. There is much theatricality to this piece that essentially, quite works for the material. The cast is very good. The tech is very good... Is it the top show of this year's Fringe? ...It's up there."
                           - Luis Arrojo, Critic
(L to R) Emily Meadows, Evelyn Barber, Jessica Pellicciotta, and Kaitlin Race. Photo by Camille Intson.
"Winner of the Hamilton Fringe New Play Contest, this production has already elicited a lot of attention. It has a young local playwright (Camille Intson), and an all female ensemble cast. We All Got Lost is billed as a coming of age tale, and follows a group of Northern Ontario Catholic schoolgirls attempting to navigate, as best as they can, the rigors of school, adolescence, family, and identity. They turn to each other, and to the woods where they start spinning tales among the trees.
Play acting like girls, yet grappling with ever more mature and troubling issues, the act of their storytelling itself symbolizes the uneasy transitions they are each trying to make in their lives. At times ethereal and atmospheric, the production values, including lighting and sound, are excellent. Stage Manager David Faulkner-Rundle has done an exceptional job. The saying, ‘always leave them wanting more,’ may very well be true here. This story gives much to ponder after the actors have left the stage."
                           - Allison M. Jones, View Magazine (Reviewer's Pick)
Poster design by Camille Intson.
(L to R) Emily Meadows and Jessica Pellicciotta. All photos and graphics by Camille Intson.
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